Redbourne Wheels: where adventure meets elegance. Redbourne set out to build wheels that capture the ruggedness of Land Rover® while exuding the luxury with which each vehicle was designed.

Each Redbourne wheel is designed, tested and built with a load rating capable of holding the heavy duty Land Rover chassis.  Of course, all Redbourne Land Rover wheels are hub centric to offer a smooth enjoyable ride. All Redbourne wheels are designed to accept the OE tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), the OE lug nuts... they were even engineered to accept the OE Land Rover cap. Everybody likes that!

The Nottingham. A thick square cut face forward five spoke, with each spoke tapering off to the outer edge of the wheel for a more aggressive look.

Contact Shoreline today for specific recommendations for your vehicle, or for more finish options and pricing. We can also furnish a complete wheel & tire package, if desired. Prices vary by size and finishes, and start at $349 per wheel, please inquire.

Price: $349.00

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