Flush-Loc Center Lock Conversion

Forgeline Center Lock Conversion kits replace your car’s multiple-lug nut mounting system with a center lock hub adapter and a single center locking nut on each wheel – identical to those used on the world’s most exotic race cars. Choose from our original Center Lock Conversion (with full-length hub spindle) or the new Flush-Loc Conversion (that eliminates the snout of the adapter for a “flush” clean look).

Our new¬†Flush-Loc Conversion¬†takes our original center lock conversion to whole new level. Our engineers have developed a new center lock system that eliminates the snout of the adapter for a “flush” clean look. But it is not just for looks, as the Flush-Loc cap has a built-in locking system that will keep the wheels secure in any condition. After the center lock nut is installed and tightened down, the Flush-Loc cap is threaded inside the adapter and tightened down with the supplied wrench. Because the thread pitch of the locking cap is finer than the nut, they cannot move together – which locks the wheel in place.

Our Hex and GT nuts are available with this option in a multitude of anodized colors including Clear, Black, Red, and Blue.

The Flush-Loc cap is available with our standard “Forgeline” logo. Or you can even get it without any logo at all, if you so desire.

Each kit includes an entire car set of adapters, nuts (hex or GT), logo lock caps, lug nut drive pins, and the cap wrench. And each set of adapters is drilled and machined with a specific bolt pattern and hub center to fit your car.

    • Eliminates the snout of the center lock adapter for a “flush” clean look


    • Built-in locking system to keep the wheels secure


    • Available in a multitude of anodized colors including Clear, Black, Red, and Blue


    • Your choice of logo options: “FL”, “Forgeline”, or blank


  • Includes 4 adapters (drilled and machined to fit each specific application), nuts (hex or GT), logo lock caps, all lug nut drive pins, and one cap wrench

Price: $2,000.00

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Custom Center Lock

If your vehicle already has center lock wheels, Forgeline can adapt any of their wheels designs to your specifications. Whether it is a full out race car or a vintage street car, we can meet your needs.

Convert to Existing Center Lock $100 per wheel.

Price: $100.00

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Porsche Center Lock

Forgeline can make any of our forged 6061-T6 aluminum wheels to fit the Porsche factory center lock arrangement on vehicles such as the GT3, GT3RS, GTS, and 911 Turbo in 18-inch, 19-inch, and 20-inch diameters. We’ve listed just a few examples and sizes here, but please contact us for any Porsche center lock wheel fitments.

Contact Shoreline today for specific recommendations for your vehicle, or for more finish options and pricing. We can also furnish a complete wheel & tire package, if desired. Prices vary by size and finishes, and start at $1525 per wheel, please inquire.

Price: $1,525.00

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