Mercedes E550 DLM

We really like the new W212 chassis E-class, but it lacks stance. If you've changed the wheels and tires, this is definitely one car that needs to be dropped. But it has a trick Airmatic® suspension which means you can't just lower it with a set of springs. The solution? An electronic lowering module.

The DLM V3 offers the same features as the earlier versions, but has many improvements. The unit’s power consumption has been reduced by 50%. The DLM still requires no wire splicing or soldering, but now sports even less wiring. Installation time averages 40 minutes for the first time installer with additional time necessary for the routing of the USB cable laptop interface.

The E550-specific DLM V3 also supports speed-lowering that allows the vehicle to return to its factory ride-height at a preset speed. This removes the need for the vehicle to be aligned after lowering and allows the factory speed lowering to still occur as normal. The user can maintain the factory longevity and still have the lowered look at low speeds!

The Lowering Module is 32-bit Windows compatible. Simply hook the module up to your laptop or PC and adjust your settings with the click of a mouse. Professional installation suggested.

CA residents must pay state sales tax.

Price: $1,450.00

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